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Microbiology and Human Genetics

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Can microbiology assist human genetics? How the alkaptonuria (black urine disease) mutation was identified?

Many of the processes that convert one material to another are common to many organisms. Some were preserved during evolution and they are similar among
bacteria, plants, animals and humans.

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The expert examines microbiology and human genetics. The processes that convert one material to another are common to many organisms are discussed.

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The science of microbiology was originally directed towards the study of microorganisms and their effects on human bodies. During the last century, that study of microorganisms has been shifted to their effects on human physiology and biochemistry. And, very lately it has been directed to the science of Human Genetics and Genome. The word "genome" is a combination of the words "gene" and "chromosome". By mapping and reading Genetic Codes of various organisms researchers have discovered that there is a genetic "unity of life" upon this earth. All living ...

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