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Microbiology Career Specialization

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The science and practice of Microbiology impact on many facets of life and the functioning of the Earth. Microbiology also plays important roles in human affairs. As a testament to this, every spring, thousands of microbiologists gather for the Annual General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), which is the world's oldest and largest life science organization. These microbiologists represent a diversity of disciplines of microbiological specialization.

1) Provide ten examples of Microbiology career specializations. For each example, provide a one sentence description.
2) Provide ten examples of applications of the science of Microbiology. For each example, provide a one sentence description.

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The expert provides ten examples of microbiology career specialization. Applications of the science of microbiology is determined.

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1. Microbial Ecology - studies how microrganisms relate to each other and the environment. This career can involve studies of multiple environments depending the reason for the work
2. Environmental Microbiology - this career studies the movement of microbes through various environments in and the containment of these microbes.
3. Water Purification and Treatment - measures the amount of microbes in our water supply. Measures the amount of these microbes in different water populations.
4. Food Microbiology - Measures the amount of microorganisms foods it measures amount of ...

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