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    Microbiology Multiple Choice Questions

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    Please help with the following microbiology multiple choice problems.

    1. Which of the following provides taxonomic information that includes the others?
    a. Nucleic acid hybridization
    b. Nucleic acid-base composition
    c. Amino acid sequencing
    d. Biochemical test
    e. Numerical identification

    2. Which of the following is most useful in determining whether two organisms are related?
    a. If both ferment lactose
    b. If both are gram-positive
    c. If both are motile
    d. If both are aerobic
    e. All are equally important

    3. All of the following are gram-positive. Which does not belong with the others?
    a. Actinomyces
    b. Bacillus
    c. Corynebacterium
    d. Listeria
    e. Mycobacterium

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    1) The answer should be C: Amino acids are encoded by DNA (i.e. Nucleic acids) therefore if you know the amino acid sequence you know the information about the nucleic acid ...

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