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    Viruses are not considered alive.

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    Please help answer the following question. Include references.

    Why are viruses not considered alive? In the explanation, include the criteria that must be met for something to be considered alive.

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    Question: Why are viruses not considered alive?

    When considering whether or not a virus is alive, it is helpful to consider the criteria used to define life. There are 7 criteria used, and all must be met for something to be considered alive.

    Let us consider each criterion separately to determine if a virus is alive.

    1) Order. Order refers to specific organization within a living organism. Many viruses have very well defined organization. For example, each ...

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    This solution discusses whether viruses are considered alive. This solution discusses the seven criterion for considering whether a virus is alive, including: order, regulation, growth and development, energy utilization, response to environment, reproduction and evolution. The explanation is given in 295 words with one reference.