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    Physical and chemical control of growth and viability

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    Present and discuss the differences and similarities in the microbial metabolic and environmental requirements for growth for E Coli and HIV. The focus should be on the effect of environmental factors on growth for both. Growth criteria for E Coli and HIV should also be covered

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    In order to answer this, one should firstly consider the key differences between E. coli and HIV.

    E. coli is a Gram negative bacterium, a single celled organism which reproduces by cellular division, whereas HIV is a virus which infects and hijacks a host organism's T-cells and uses its enzymes to create more viruses as a means of replication. As a result, the growth requirements can be drastically different.

    Since E. coli is a bacterium, it must find nutrients to meet its metabolic needs. As a pathogen, it generally acquires this from the environment of the GI tract in humans in the form of readily available glucose. As a facultative anaerobe, the organism generally ferments ...

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