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Climate Change and Mechanical vs. Chemical Weathering

Mechanical weathering is most effective in cold regions and chemical weathering is most effective in warm, moist regions. What would happen if the climate changed and parts of world that are hot turned cold and vice versa? How do you think this would affect our climate and landscape?

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Areas that switched from a cold to a warm climate would experience a decrease in physical weathering and an increase in chemical weathering over time. However, this change may be gradual and would not be instant. If you consider a cold, barren ice land, where there is little vegetation and a small water budget, an instant change towards a warmer climate would still take a while to change the landscape. The warmer climate would result in enhanced growth of vegetation, but even low elevation vegetation and shrubs take a while to grow large enough to stunt physical erosion. Also, chemical weathering would not advance that quickly without organic matter present, hence another reason for plants to grow and die before ...

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The expert examines climate change and mechanical versus chemical weathering. How this affects our climate and landscape is examined.