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Chemical weathering of rocks and human impact.

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What would be some examples of rock that would undergo chemical weathering in the mid-latitudes? Is there anything that can be done to reduce it that would mitigate its impact on human society?

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Lets start with a short discussion of weathering: what it is and why it is important. Weathering is something that happens to the rock at the surface of the rock. In other words, it only happens to the surface of the rock that is exposed to the "weather." There are two types of weathering: Physical and Chemical. Since your question only includes chemical weathering we will go into more detail about it.


Chemical weathering is the process by which the crystals in the rock undergo chemical changes due to the environment. If rock is exposed to water, for example, the crystals in it start to break down and sand and clay falls off the rock and becomes sediment. As another example, there are many minerals that react ...

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Here we explore questions about the chemical weathering processes that take place with rocks, and investigate how to mitigate the impact on human society.