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    What is the definition of being alive?

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    This is to be a philosophical discussion... What are the characteristics of life? There are some things, like planets, stars, viruses and prions that have many of the characteristics of life, but are not alive. ... How is it that these (or something you've researched) come close to being alive, but are not? Do you think that the definition of what is alive should be changed?

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    While I have a biology endorsement with my teaching certificate and am the founder of a nonprofit that focuses on math and science education (life science), my strength is in elementary education and it is from THAT focal point that I answer your philosophical question. A career biologist may respond differently.

    Children can stage and witness growth of crystals. But LIVING cells, ...

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    The definition of "life" could be redefined, where the elements of earlier definities with viruses and other elements have become more advanced.