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Happiness and Freedom

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Interview Happiness and Freedom
This writing work focuses on individual definitions of happiness. For this work, you will prepare and conduct interviews with two people about their definition of happiness, how they reached this view, and whether they feel happiness is achievable.

Choose two people who vary in age and experience. Only one of the subjects can be someone you know well. This is an opportunity to learn about acquaintances and strangers as well. These should be face-to-face interviews.

Next, ask a variety of questions to get them to consider not just their definition of happiness, but its origins and development. You can use these sample questions to get you started, but should add more questions or change the interview as it develops: Has your definition of happiness changed over time? What experiences have influenced your definition? Do you expect the definition to change again?

Introduced this work by introducing each subject one at a time. Who are they? What is the nature of your relationship? This work should be at least 750 words please.

Thank you!

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This response provides a hypothetical scenario wherein 2 individuals were interviewed about their idea of happiness and its evolution over time in their lives.

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Q: Has your definition of happiness changed over time?

James: My definition of happiness has evolved immensely overtime despite the fact that I'm only 34 years of age. When I was a child, I viewed happiness as being able to eat sweets, play, and enjoy my friends and siblings. My view naturally evolved when I grew as a child to incorporate playing sports, gaining recognition as being tough, and getting interest from girls. When I started to use marijuana, my view of happiness became enthralled into getting high as if I wasn't high, I wasn't happy. After I went through my phase of using marijuana, my view of happiness evolved to going to college and obtaining a good education for a good career. After completing my educational goals and obtaining my career that I wanted, my new view of happiness is just being content in my life and enjoying the wonderful blessings that I've received.

Sarah: My definition of happiness has been predicated upon love of ...

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