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Formation of the moon

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How does the Moon cause the Earth's tides. What are the two types of tides and why do they occur?

What are the different theories proposed for the formation of the Moon. What is the most widely accepted theory?


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Formation of the moon is summarized using a theoretical framework. The different theories proposed for the formation of the moon is determined.

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How does the Moon cause the Earth's tides?
The gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun cause tides to occur on Earth. Basically, the Moon 's gravitational pull is trying to attract Earth to it, but it is only strong enough to effect the water on Earth, such as the oceans and the larger lakes of our planet.
What are the two types of tides and why do they occur?
The two types of tides are the Diurnal Tides and the Semi-diurnal Tides.
When the Moon is furthest from the Earth's equator, it causes a Diurnal Tide, which means that there is a single high and a single low tide occurring each day.
When the Moon is over the Earth's equator, a Semi-diurnal Tide is likely to occur, which means that there are two high and two low waters occurring daily and that they are of relatively small ranges.
When the Moon moves furthest north or south of the equator, they may become Mixed Tides, which means that there are large variances in tidal ranges during the two daily tides.
(I am unsure as to whether you need this information or not, so I decided to be on the safe side and include it for you).
The two types of range variations are called the Spring Tides and the Neap Tides.
Spring Tides are caused when the Sun and the Moon are ...

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