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    Mass of Solar System, Quadratic Formula and Complex Number

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    What is the total mass in kilograms of our solar system? And what is the equation for the speed of light?

    When solving a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula, is it possible for the b to the second power minus 4ac term inside the square root to be negative, thus forcing us to take the square root of a negative number?

    In the real world, where might we use imaginary numbers?

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    What is the total mass in kilograms of our solar system?

    (see attached file for diagrams)

    The pictures above show different views of the Sun. The first picture shows a solar flare erupting from the Suns surface, the second shows a total eclipse of the sun by the moon allowing the solar corona to be viewed, the third shows a picture obtained by the SOHO spacecraft it shows the solar corona and solar polar plumes, the fourth again shows a solar eclipse and the final picture show a sunspot found on the surface of the Sun.

    The Sun is a G2 star, it is the largest body ...

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    Mass of Solar System, Quadratic Formula and Real-Life Complex Number Applications are investigated.