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    10 Quotes on Parenting & Children's Behavior

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    Looking for 10 quotes from academic references which comment on how much people blame parents for their children's behaviour.

    APA references must be listed.

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    The solution below should get you started (see attachment). In this particular task, you are asking for help in sourcing 10 quotes from APA cited resources on the topic of parental blame on behavior. I have listed some that might be useful for you. I suggest going through APA journals listing to find more if you need it.

    P.S. A list of these Prof. Gardner's work of Oxford University might help too - http://impact.ref.ac.uk/casestudies2/refservice.svc/GetCaseStudyPDF/15526

    Direct Quotes on Parenting & Child Behavior

    1. On Divorce and Children's Behavior

    "When separation occurs, parents feel good about themselves by projecting unresolved feelings of disappointment and failure onto the former spouse. Even misbehavior by the child might be attributed to some deficit in the former spouse's parenting."

    - Bryner, Jr., C. (2001). "Children of Divorce," from Journal f the American Board of Family Medicine, May-June, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 201-210. MedScape. URL: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/405852_8

    2. On Children's Response to Divorce

    "Many studies have shown that children of divorce have more behavioral and conduct problems when compared with the children in intact two-parent families. They have more aggressive, impulsive, and antisocial behaviors ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advice in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of parental impact on children's behavior (problematic and disruptive). 10 sources, largely academic are cited.