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    Judgments and criticisms of parents

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    10 academic references (journal articles/books) quotes are applied to comment on how much strangers/onlookers blame parents for their children's behaviour.

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    Implications of criticism are further noted in this source:

    HOCHWALD, L. (2012). Keep Calm and Carry On. Scholastic Parent & Child, 20(2), 48-50.

    The author indicates how "When someone criticizes your parenting choices, it can feel like they're criticizing who you are, not just a decision you made. Not only that, parenting judgments hit us where it hurts most because we're all anxious about whether we'll be able to give our children a safe and healthy future" (2).

    An example is given to show that "You know that your kid is not going to end up in juvie someday because you let him wear overnight diapers until he was 4, but it's only natural to second-guess yourself when another parent implies that you're doing something wrong. It can be especially rattling when you're reprimanded by a close pal or relative" (2).

    Stranger criticism, the article insists, is "...easier to shake off something a stranger ...

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    300 words of notes and reference quotes briefly explain how society tends to judge and criticize parents in society.