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American Culture Through Schools

Should schools transmit the American culture or change it?

Explain three common criticisms leveled at our schools?

. What are three reasons why many families are choosing home schooling?

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Should schools transmit the American culture or change it?

Schools have two fundamental purposes which are to transmit to the young society's values, knowledge and culture and to empower them to transform social change as students or as adults thereby reconstructing society for the common good.
Schools choose what to teach. They constantly make decision and update which subjects are worth learning. For many years a Eurocentric cultural legacy has been the basis of the curriculum of many schools and has become the focus of the emphasis on education standards and tests.
In reconstructing society, schools need to establish a closer connection with the community and reconstructionists encourage teachers and students to create a society that is more just and fair.
The United States need to transmit American culture. However, the ...

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