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Strategies for Inclusion

Strategies a teacher can use to increase a parent's involvement in the inclusion process.

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Parents of students with disabilities want their child to attend a school that is welcoming and nurturing. They have high expectations for their child and for the experiences that child will have at school. Parents of disabled children can run into several barriers in the school system. These barriers can include: physical barriers (inaccessible areas), intellectual barriers (lack of materials and resources), social barriers, and prejudicial barriers (judgments made by staff and teachers). Schools need to help parents break through these barriers so their child can have a positive experience. They know that school is not just about learning subjects but also about developing social skills and friendships. That is why inclusion is so important. There are several ways to include parents in the inclusions ...

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Inclusion strategies are a necessary part of every teacher's bag of tricks in order to help each of her students be successful. Involving parents in inclusion strategies is also necessary.