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Children and Testing

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Please assist me with explaining two different features or aspects (behavior, appearance, communication etc...,) related to testing preschool children along with providing specific examples. Please use scholarly references.

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Research has been presented that suggests parenting-styles have a marked effect on child development behaviors. For example, Greening, Stoppelbein, & Luebbe (2010) describe parenting styles in four different categories in which parents use to interact with their children. He characterized these styles as either acceptance/sensitivity or demanding control. For instance, according to Greening et al., "authoritative parents tend to be flexible, sensitive and warm in their parenting style, thereby promoting the children's autonomy, while making reasonable demands of them" (p. 358-359). However, another category "authoritarian" styles describes parents who tend to be less sensitive and flexible than authoritative parents, and who tend to place too many restrictions and roles on their children. Thus, stressing factors such as: (a) maturity, (b) obedience, and (c) compliance can develop. A third category is permissiveness or indulgence in which parents provide very little restrictions on their children. The final category reflects parents who are not involved in their children's lives, or neglectful. According to Greening et al, very few parents fall into this category; however, children of these parents may have negative developmental consequences.

Relative to preschoolers, Baumrind and Larzelere (2010) conducted a longitudinal study investigating the effort of preschool patterns regarding "parental authority" (parenting-style ...

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This solution examines the different aspects of child testing.