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Ethical Issues with Genetic Testing in Pediatrics

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Help is given with research on a current ethical issue that deals with a change in midstream of expectations or ground rules, draw from any arena

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Ethical Issues With Genetic Testing in Pediatrics: Genetic testing is the analysis of chromosomes, proteins and certain metabolites in order to detct heritable diseases -related genotypes for clinical purposes.Adavances in genetic research promise more progress in the diagnosis and treatment of many childhood diseases. However emerging genetic technology often allows testing before a definite treatment or preventive measure develops. When that happens, careful consideration must be given to testing and screening of children to make sure that using this technology is in the best interest of the child.

The Human Genome Project began in 1990 with the intention of mapping and sequencing the complete set of human genes by 2005. However the sequencing of the human genome finished five years before. The essential reason for the research is to develop more effective strategies for disease prevention and treatment. The first applications of this knowledge will be expanded possibilities for genetic testing for individual evaluation and population screening. Although pediatricians know about genetic testing for specific indications and rare conditions, advanced genetic technology will detect those who possess a higher ...

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The following solution discusses a current ethical issue in the field of health: Genetic Testing in Pediatrics.

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