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    Environmental and Genetic Factors that Impact Diabetes

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    Discuss the ethical issues and policy involved in genetic testing and genetic counseling to the following case scenario:

    A 25 year old male is applying for a first time full time job which offers health insurance. He has a family history of diabetes. The health insurance company contracted with the employer is asking him to pay a much higher premium than the group rate. He would like to know the genetic versus environmental factors affecting diabetes, genetic testing, and policy and ethical issues involved in the health coverage

    Please answer the questions asked in the case scenario.

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    The causes of diabetes have been a mystery to medical science for a number of years, but there is evidence that genetic factors, as well as environmental factors, play a large role in determining an individual's risk for developing diabetes. In many studies there has been a propensity to try to ascertain the causes of diabetes in genetic or environmental terms, by studying these factors separately. But it has been found that the most statistical probable cause of diabetes will be a combination of these factors.

    In an analysis of the genetic versus environmental factors affecting diabetes, there are some quite interesting results that run contrary to what the everyday person's long-held beliefs about the causes of diabetes are. An interesting thing about type I diabetes, is that genetic testing studies have revealed that for an individual to contract this disease it is often necessary ...