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Impactof genetic and environmental factorson personality

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I explain the following areas:

***Please explain the impact of genetic and environmental factors on the development of personality.

***How might learning, parental, and development factors each contribute to the development of self-efficacy (the tendency to work toward self-actualization)?

***In your opinion, what is the influence of conscious and unconscious factors on personality? Choose a personality trait or characteristic and explain how each of these factors might contribute to its development.

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Genetic influences on the personality development have been researched for quite some time in the field of psychology and biology. Genes do have an impact on the personality make up of the individual, especially in mental illnesses and conditions such as depression, mood disorders and schizophrenia.

However, it must be remembered that genetic predisposition alone is not the reason why people develop psychological illnesses.
Many people, who are predisposed to mental illnesses, express the diagnosable signs and symptoms due top the social and living environment in which they are living and the conditions which they are living under.

When the genetics and environmental factors combine and warrant a mental illness, both the clinically organic and functional condition can emerge i.e., with chronic illness, the physiology of the person will also get impacted which feeds back ...

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Genetic and environmental factors on the development of personality are noted.