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    Briefly select a side in the nature vs. nurture debate of personality development and then locate at least five current research studies with a summary as to whether childhood temperament and personality have a biological basis.

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    When selecting a side in the nature vs. nurture debate of personality development, many experts advocate that childhood temperament and personality have a definite biological basis. Just as we inherit genetic factors naturally, such as our eye colors, skin colors, and other traits due to innate features, personality is also based upon these premises. Inborn links to personality are evident and justified by many theories. Heredity involves the transmission of genetic characteristics from parents to children and does play a big role in determining one's personality traits. Behavioral genetics, in general, have offered some powerful data to determine genetic contributions to personality via twin studies, adoption studies, twin/adoption studies, and proband studies. Hack (2014) even claims that among cases of autism, we can likely blame more nature and less nurture when it comes to ASD (p. 27).

    Traits such as creativity are also used to persuade about a nature argument to personality development. Historically, Since Galton's (1869) influential book Hereditary Genius, in which he claimed that genius runs in families, the possibility of creativity being heritable has been discussed. The genetic basis of creativity has been primarily examined by twin studies, which have used diverse tests and assessments of creativity. Classical twin studies allow an estimation of heritability (i.e., the degree to which individual differences are due to genetic differences), as well as estimations of the contributions of environmental influences that act to increase twins' similarity (i.e., shared environmental influences) and environmental influences that act to ...

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