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    Molecular Phylogeny: DNA Analysis and Biodiversity

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    The development of DNA and genetic analysis has opened up a whole new branch of biological investigation: molecular phylogeny. DNA analysis has been used to reclassify a great number of organisms. These ultra-sensitive techniques have been able to reveal previously imperceptible relationships between both living and extinct organisms.

    Visit the Paleo-DNA Laboratory to learn a little bit more about DNA analysis. Examine the Biodiversity Services section to answer the following questions:

    1. Why are wildlife biologists increasingly turning to DNA analysis for examining issues of biodiversity?
    2, What are some of the implications of finding a low genetic diversity among a species?
    3. Why would this information be useful for a scientist conducting research on an endangered species?
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    Referring to the website and by responding to the questions, this solution examines aspects of DNA and genetic analysis, a new branch of biological investigation: molecular phylogeny. References are provided.