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Could you please help me with an outline for 3 essay questions? I need a peer-reviewed article and points of interest for each of the following topics:

1. Differential gene expression due to chromosome structure and alternative splicing
2. How genes can be used to possibly lend evidence to the theory of evolution
3. How technology could be used to engineer stem cells for human medical treatment

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This solution provides resources on gene expression and genetic technologies.

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I've researched and found papers that match your assignment. Furthermore, I have outlined the salient points that you will want to discuss.

Agarwal, S., and Rao, A. Modulation of chromatin structure regulates cytokine gene expression during T cell differentiation. Immunity 9(6):765-775, 1998.

Points to address:
- Agarwal and Rao demonstrate that when T cells differentiate into either Th1 or Th2 cells, the chromatin structure actually changes in order to control/regulate which proteins are produced by those cells
- chromatin structure change when T cells become Th1 cells causes production of IFNgamma
- chromatin structure change when T cells become Th2 cells causes production of IL-4 and IL-3
- this paper is an example of differential gene expression due to chromosome structure and alternative splicing
* ...

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