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Forensic DNA Profile Analysis

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The analysis of VNTR alleles in forensic DNA profile analysis is based on what common method of molecular biology?

A. Cloning
C. Immunoblotting
D. PCR reactions
E. Southern hybridization

Provide the correct answer and a brief explanation of why the correct answer is correct.

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The solution determines the analysis of VNTR alleles in forensic DNA profile analysis is based on what common method of molecular biology.

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The correct answer is E. Southern hybridization.

This is the only one of these techniques used in analyzing VNTR alleles in a forensics application. See below for a detailed description of southern hybridization.

DNA Forensics Information

Analysis of the VNTR alleles in forensics is based on the "Southern" hybridization technique. This technique uses restriction enzymes to cut out the VNTR regions, and then gel electrophoresis to separate these VNTR regions based on size.

The experimental steps used in a forensics laboratory for DNA Profile analysis are as follows:

1. DNA extraction
DNA can be extracted from almost any human tissue. Sources of DNA found at a crime scene might include blood, semen, tissue from a deceased victim, cells in a hair follicle, and even saliva. DNA extracted from items of evidence is compared to DNA extracted from reference samples from known individuals, normally from blood.

2. Digestion of DNA with a restriction endonuclease

Extracted DNA is treated with a restriction endonuclease, which is an enzyme that will cut double stranded DNA ...

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