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    ADHD: Biological/Psychological Versus Environmental.

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    How might you make a case for biological/psychological reasons for ADHD as opposed to poor environmental fit? Are the physical markers irrefutable? Might adapting the environment be as effective for some children with this diagnosis as medication?

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    First, as you offer evidence for biological/psychological reasons for ADHD as opposed to poor environmental fit, one article offers validation:

    Barkley, R. A., & Murphy, K. R. (2008). Psychological Maladjustment in Offspring of Adults with ADHD. ADHD Report, 16(3), 5-16.

    The authors show a genetic, biological correlation in their study. They reveal that the children of parents with ADHD "have a higher risk for ADHD than those children of parents in non-ADHD adults in a community," which suggests a biological basis.

    Biological seems to play an eminent role, as another article shows:

    Beaver, K., Nedelec, J., Rowland, M., & Schwartz, J. (2012). Genetic Risks and ADHD Symptomatology: Exploring the Effects of Parental Antisocial Behaviors in an Adoption-Based Study. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 43(2), 293-305.

    The authors advocate that "Genetic factors are consistently shown to explain a significant proportion of variance in measures of ADHD." ...

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    References and notes are briefly integrated to justify biological/psychological reasons for ADHD. 400 words.