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Impact of Biological and Environmental Factors on Native and Second Language Acquisition

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Describe one biological and one environmental factor that influence native and second language acquisition, and then explain how they influence native and second language acquisition with an example of each.

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Language Acquisition

There are a number of biological and environmental factors that can influence how a person learns a language, either a primary or second language. For biological reasons, think of physical or neurobiological differences that might affect someone's ability to learn such as altered brain function or damage to the ears or tongue. For environmental reasons, think of social or experiential factors like exposure, learning environment, or even stress. To come up with some ideas, try to think of it in these terms:

Native language (like as a baby):
- biological: can you hear actually the person talking to you? does deafness play a role?
- environmental: how often are you exposed to ...

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The impact on biological and environmental factors on natives and second language acquisitions are examined.

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