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    Theories Relevant to ADHD Research

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    Theories give researchers a conceptual framework for understanding problems and/or research questions.

    For the research question: What type of instructional approaches do I need in meeting the needs of students with special needs; those behavioral and ADHD students in particular?

    1. What is the problem your research attempts to solve?

    2. Identify two to three theories that could be relevant to your study.

    3. Identify the theorists and at least three major tenets of each theory. Summarize the main ideas.

    The following resources may help you determine relevant theories:

    3. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/katrina09-274656-theories-reading-lara-education-ppt-powerpoint/
    In addition to the resources above, a Google search will also yield a great deal of information.

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    The first theory would be Piaget's cognitive theory. His theory was concerned with children, other than all learners. One area of this theory that I find interesting is that cognitive development was a gradual reorganization of mental processes resulting from environmental experiences and biological maturation. Children develop an understanding of the world around them by creating a mental model of the world. His theory uses the idea that children learn best through doing and actively exploring the world around them. This theory also ...

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    Discusses theoretical frameworks to help understand problems dealing with instructional approaches involving children with ADHD. Two theories described in 370 words, with references.