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    Balanced polymorphism

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    7. Explain why the increased prevalence of sickle cell disease among African Americans actually has more to do with the environment than skin color or other phenotypes used to define races.
    8. List other examples of balanced polymorphism.
    9. Identify a population group with a high prevalence of sickle cell disease other than Africans.
    10. List six genetic diseases that are more common among Ashkenazi Jews than among other population groups

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    Research suggests that sickle cell anemia is a evolutionary genetic disorder to combat Plasmodium infection (Malaria). One must get the sickle cell gene from both the mother and father to be affected, however, recent studies indicate that those who have the gene from one parent (without the ...

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    This solution briefly discusses the relationship between sickle cell anemia and malaria infection in the context of balanced polymorphism, and gives links for further exploration.