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    Discussing Ecological Concepts and Environmental Adaptations

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    (1) What is the difference between these terms:

    Ecotype and Polymorphism
    Cline and Ecological Isolates
    Homeothermy and Endothermy

    (2) Describe a specific example of an adaptation that helps an organism solve one specific environmental problem but makes a different environmental problem worse.

    (3) What are the two requirements of blood flow necessary for a counter-current heat exchange system to work?

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    Ecotype and polymorphism: an ecotype is a population of a species that is adapted to a particular environment; a polymorphism is a genetic variant within a species. So, a polymorphism is the genetic basis of the differences in phenotype in different ecotypes of a species.

    Cline and geographic isolates: a cline is a gradual change in a particular characteristic of a species from one end of its geographic range to the other; a geographic isolate is a ...

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    This solution is provided in about 310 words and discusses various ecological concepts. For the first part of the solution, the terms in question 1 are compared by explaining the meaning of each concept. Part two provides examples and part three discusses the efficiency of counter-current blood exchange.