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Environmental Protection of Open Green Space

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Regardless of where we live, I imagine that all of us can remember a plot of land that is now a strip mall that used to be undeveloped, or some other area that has changed dramatically over time.

What steps can/do municipalities take to protect the amount of open space that plants and animals have available?

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This solution suggests how to approach an environmental problem from a biologists point of view. The solution suggests a few areas to start and provides some key areas that are worth discussing. The explanation is given in 264 words.

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From a biologist's point of view, the best thing you can do to protect land is to study the land that you wish to protect. You need to categorize and identify all living things on that plot of land. There could be some endangered and/or protected species occupying that land. If that is the case, then that land cannot really be developed without disturbing that particular species. To be done ...

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