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Single Substitution Polymorphism

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Can this sequence be cut by a restriction enzyme?

Can the fragments and coupled with electrophoresis be used to find a single substitution polymorphism?

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The sequence you mentioned can be cut by a number of restriction enzymes (REs). I find this tool to be very helpful in picking REs: http://tools.neb.com/REBsites/index.php

You basically paste in your sequence and it will tell you the different REs and can generate a virtual gel electrophoresis. In your case there are 49 different REs that can digest your sequence ...

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Find an appropriate restriction enzyme that will cut the given sequence. The solution details how you would go about finding the restriction enzyme. The solution then tells you how, armed with that information how you can go about finding a single substitution polymorphism within that DNA sequence. Some background is provided to explain the answer and help you answer similar questions.