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    DNA and Disease

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    If someone could test your DNA and tell you what diseases you would likely suffer from in 25 years, would you want to know the results? Use examples, including the specific disease you would be tested for, the actual likelihood of contracting the disease if you have a positive test, how this knowledge could help you avoid dying from the disease, and how you think having this knowledge would affect you and your family.

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    Well I will suggest 2 illnesses. You can take your pick from there. 1. Diabetes mellitus. That would certainly act as a stimulus to try to keep my body weight on the low end of the body mass spectrum, to avoid fat (especially saturated fats) carbohydrate rich food with lots of calories and to concentrate on vegetables, fruits, fish and fowl and "slow" carbohydrates. It would also influence me to never start smoking and to avoid alcohol and to be eager to exercise. A genetic analysis like this is not some kind of fortune telling prediction. It would tell you that you have a genetic burden that would ...