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Food, Diet, and Disease

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How do the foods you eat, including portion size, influence achieving a healthful lifestyle?

Do you think that disease is caused more by heredity or by environmental factors?

How does a person's food pattern over time contribute to the development of diseases?

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This solution highlights the correlations between poor diet and disease and describes how type 2 diabetes affects the body and it's relation to diet. Additionally, it comments on whether disease is caused more by hereditary of environmental factors.

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The rules of portion size simply remind us that many of us eat a whole lot more than we really need based on the level of activity we have in our lives. I am not surprised by this, as we have an obesity problem troubling even the thinnest nations because of the spread of fast food.

Disease is often a combination of heredity and environment. If one has the genetic predisposition for diabetes type 2 for instance, by avoiding that prepackaged food, fast food, and by not becoming overweight, the chance of getting diabetes is reduced. Many people with type 2 find out that if they radically change their diet by using a feature like choosemyplate.gov, they can greatly improve health, and also lose weight. This sometimes results in not needing to take drugs to stimulate insulin production. By diet and exercise alone, some people discover that they can reverse their type ...

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