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    Globalization of Heart Disease

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    Dean Ornish describes the "globalization of heart disease" in this talk:


    Explain why this is occurring and correlate national behavioral and genetic risk factors to the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases.

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    The primary reasons for the epic rise of cardiovascular disease on a global scale that Dr. Ornish points too in his synopsis are directly attributed to the adaptation of the Western diet and lifestyle across the planet. Specifically, the Dr. points out that in Asia and Africa obesity rates have risen at an incredibly alarming rate as their cultures are forgoing their traditional healthy diets for the quick and easy fast food alternatives being offered by companies such as McDonalds (Ornish, 2011).

    Dr. Ornish points out repeatedly through his research that in his opinion based on years of studies and research that only around 5% of cardiovascular disease that causes death is genetically related. Dr. Ornish states that 95% of cardiovascular disease is in fact preventable and curable and states that genetics is not a major concern in the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and directly correlates lifestyle ...

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    The globalization of heart disease is examined. How there is correlation between national behavioral and genetic risk factors to the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases are examined.