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    Nutrition Plan for Celiac Disease Case Study

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    Case Study "Teenager With Celiac Disease

    Part A:

    Read Janie's case study and then complete the following tasks:

    Write a nutrition action plan for Janie on coping with Celiac disease. What are the things that Janie will need to be careful about as she goes about her regular life? Try to determine at least seven points that should be discussed with Janie and her mother.

    Help Janie and her mother plan Janie's diet. Describe in one or two paragraphs the rationale for including the gluten-free diet items that you have selected for Janie.

    Part B:

    Remake Janie's diet using the table in the embedded PDF document. Submit your response in the form of a Word document.

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    Hi there,

    I'm happy to provide you with a brief overview of some of the points that you could include in your answer. Keep in mind that this is quite the broad topic, so feel free to add in any details or additional points that you see fit. I do not suffer from celiac disease, but my father does and so does my uncle. I can pass on some of the advice that I have learned from them.

    Some points that should possibly be brought up with Janie and her mom:

    - Celiac disease is something that Janie will have to learn to accept as part of her life. This may be the most important point for her to fully understand and begin to come to terms with how to properly manage her diet. If this realization does not happen, then I feel that all other dietary advice will not be as effective as it should be. It was mentioned in the case study that Janie feels angry about food restrictions, indicating that she has not fully accepted her diagnosis as of yet. Counseling, as suggested in the case study, may be appropriate for her. After Janie fully understands her disease, the modifying of her existing eating habits will be much, much easier.

    - To manage her symptoms, it is important that Janie be able to identify the foods that she is not permitted ...

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    A detailed action plan for coping with celiac disease. Over 750 words, including dietary suggestions such as alternative food choices and foods to avoid. Also included are several food options for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert.