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    How to promote stress reduction in the workplace and would it be successful?

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    You are attending a 'lunch and learn' session on stress reduction in the workplace. In order to prepare yourself for this meeting, write a paragraph explaining how you would reduce stress at work. Write another 1-2 paragraphs indicating why you believe this approach would be successful.

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    Probably the most important step in healthy organizational change is to make a serious and sustained commitment to it. In non-unionized workplaces, this commitment should be made by top management. In unionized workplaces, both top management and union representatives need to be involved.

    Healthy organizational change takes time. Lots of time. No serious change effort should be initiated with a time frame limited to weeks or a few months.

    Healthy organizational change includes employee health and satisfaction as an explicit and independent outcome measure. These outcomes should be the key goals of the change effort, not potential by products.

    Healthy organizational change can include:
    ? Changes that will increase employees' autonomy or control.
    ? Changes that will increase the skill levels of employees.
    ? Changes that will increase levels of social support (both supervisory support and coworker support).
    ? Changes that will improve physical working ...

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    The solution presents some excellent ideas for an approach and how it could work. Healthy change is the key to the solution.