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    Devil's advocate Scenarios: taking the other side

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    Looking for an explanation on each question.

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    Explain the contrary view to each.

    1. Staying in an abusive relationship "for the sake of the children"
    A contrary view to this one would be leaving the relationship for the sake of the children - which might be the better course of action, especially in an abusive relationship. Leaving the relationship removes the threat of abuse and violence from the children, who are actively learning abuse (and to abuse) by watching the abusive relationship. Removing impressionable children from this situation would surely be the better decision, and the sooner the better!

    2. Taking drugs to gain an immediate escape from the pain of facing unpleasant realities in your life
    Like most escapist behavior, taking drugs to gain the "high" and escape from an unpleasant reality obtains a short respite only, and engenders more problems dealing with the drugs (illegalities, after/side effects, financial and others) than it ever solves. Besides, when the high wears off, the problems are right there, waiting. It is much better, if less enjoyable, to deal with the problem, thus effecting a real, permanent solution, rather than a temporary ...

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    Several scenarios where the opposing, contrary view is to be discussed: peer pressure situations, situations of criminal activity, personal character decisions are discussed.