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Facilitating Problem Solving, and Devil's Advocacy Technique

Please see attachment for selected article. The aim of the critique is to describe how the study followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research.

Kindly include the following topics in the critique:

-Study design
-Problem or objective
-Literature review
-Population sampling for study
-Data collection methods and analysis
-Limited and justifiable conclusions.


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Study Design

The study involves two groups of three staff members in a Life Planning (formerly Academic Advising) department of a large Midwestern University in the United States. The groups are divided into one that makes recommendations, while the other critiques those recommendations, without providing alternative solutions. This is known as the Devil's Advocacy method. The subgroups are required to develop a set of recommendations on
how to motivate administrators to set and establish stable course rotations (Hartwig, 2010).
Each group was given 20 minutes to develop a set of recommendations. Each of the two groups presented their recommendations, while the other offered the critique of those recommendations. Each group them considered the critiques and further developed another set of recommendations. After each group critiqued each others' recommendations again, they joined together to come up with a final solution, in terms of an applicable set of

Problem or Objective

The challenge for the University involved in the study was for Life Planning department staff to adopt a set of viable recommendations to ensure that administrators set and established course rotations, in a timely manner. The group of employees in the department consists of some members with relatively little experience working with other university departments and a director with little experience in a college setting and in supervising the many varied tasks ...

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The solution critiques an article while facilitating problem solving and practicing the Devil's Advocacy Technique.