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Overeating and Classical Conditioning

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Classical conditioning helps trigger a certain stimulus from occurring. This being true do you think that we can use classical conditioning to reverse negative behaviors such as over eating?

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Interesting question! Let's explore classical conditioning with some examples of what this might look like.
The specific model for classical conditioning is:

1. Unconditioned Stimulus elicits Unconditioned Response (UR): a stimulus will naturally elicit or bring about a reflexive response
In the case of our "overeating" example - weight gain; uncomfortable stomach
2. Neutral Stimulus - does not elicit the response of interest: this stimulus is a neutral stimulus since it does not elicit the Unconditioned (or reflexive) Response.
In the case of overeating, it would need to be something more immediate, such as an electric shock, or some type of pain.
3. The Neutral Stimulus is repeatedly paired with the ...

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This solution addresses whether or not classical conditioning could be used to help overeaters.