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    Poverty, Poverty Line, Poverty Rate and combat poverty

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    Go to the following Web site, www.census.gov, and select Poverty. Then use the information on this site to answer the following questions:

    1) What is the official poverty line?
    2) Is the number of people higher or lower than it was last year? Ten years ago? Why?
    3) How many states had an increase in the poverty rate compared to last year? Why did this happen?
    4) What new programs have been initiated to combat poverty at the state or federal levels?

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    1) What is the official poverty line?

    - The official poverty line today is essentially what it takes in today's dollars, adjusted for inflation, to purchase the same poverty-line level of living that was appropriate to a half century ago, in 1955, for that year furnished the basic data for the formula for the very first poverty measure.

    The official poverty lines vary with size of family. Below is a table showing the poverty lines with each size of family from one member to eight and above.
    Persons in family Poverty guideline
    1 $10,830
    2 14,570
    3 18,310
    4 22,050
    5 25,790
    6 ...

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