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    Statistics supporting combating poverty in your city.

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    The Mayor wants to launch a new initiative with local organizations to combat poverty in your city , but first, he wants to get a better idea of where poverty exists and the characteristics of people who fall below the poverty line. The mayor has asked you to prepare a presentation in which you are expected to :

    Identify areas in your city, county or state where poverty is concentrated. ( 1 paragraph).

    Identify the numbers and percentages of families that live below the poverty line. (1 paragraph ).

    Compare the parental education and employment status of families living below the poverty line with those living above the poverty line. ( 2 paragraphs )

    Identify the numbers of ''working poor". ( 1 paragraph )

    Describe the extent of child poverty. ( 1 paragraph )

    Identify the numbers and percentages of single parent families who live in poverty.( 1 paragraph ).

    Present any other information that you believe will help city officials gain an accurate picture of the social groups who live in poverty in their city.

    Note : The actual poverty thresholds vary in accordance with the makeup of the family . In 2000, the average poverty threshold for a family of four was $17,603. This number may be used for purposes of this assignment.

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