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    Urban Growth Trends in the World's Poorest Countries

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    Explain urban growth trends in the world's poorest countries. What causes urbanization in poor countries?

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    Interesting question! Let's take a closer look through discussion and example. I also attached one supporting article.


    1. Explain urban growth trends in the world's poorest countries.

    Developed nations have a higher percentage of urban residents than less developed countries. However, urbanization is occurring rapidly in many less developed countries, and it is expected that most urban growth will occur in less developed countries during the next decades. (2)

    Therefore, the urban growth trends, especially in the world's poorest countries (such as Africa and Asia) are urban concentration and city expansion that is occurring at a rapid pace. For the majority of urban dwellers, especially the poor, finding potable water supply, affordable shelter, accessible and secure urban land for agriculture to ensure food security, securing gainful employment and improvement in health facilities is the related trend and is a ...

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    This solution explains urban growth trends in the world's poorest countries, including the potential causes. Supplemented with a supporting and highly informative article on urban growth in poor countries.