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Women in Combat

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Argue in favor of women in combat. Propose some key topics of discussion.

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Women in combat is a controversial issue in America for a myriad of reasons but it should only be predicated upon whether women can handle the same physical responsibilities as men in regard to defending their fellow soldiers with their lives. Are they physically strong enough is the primary issue that currently is dominating the debate about women in combat as the previous issues of whether the sexes could coexist in foxholes, issues of privacy, and other issues related to the sexualizing of the debate have been quashed with the Pentagon ordering the armed services to lift the ground combat exclusion and allow women the opportunity to join all fields. This quintessentially allows women to serve in combat roles for the first time in America's history in regard actively engaging the enemy in combat.

The question is whether women are physically strong enough to engage in the necessary rigors of combat on the ground. I advocate that women should be allowed to serve combat roles if they can meet ...

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