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    Women in Combat.

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    Discuss and give ideas for a powerpoint(8 powerpoint slides on 'Women in Combat"

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    I. Introduction
    A. The hardships in military for both men and women.
    B. How the United States is resolving controversies surrounding women in combat.
    C. Thesis: Women can and are able to perform in Combats.
    II. History of Women in Military
    A. History of Women in Combat.
    B. Restriction of Women in Combat.
    III. Arguments against Women in Combat
    A. Men are violent and not emotionally and mentally stable like women.
    B. Women are physically inferior.
    C. Women are distracters for men in battle field.
    IV. Conclusion

    This research paper covers on the history of women in combats as well as the roles they played. It further looks into the current situation where there are controversies surrounding unto whether women in combats should be allowed in the battle front. It argues on the different arguments that are presented in the present world against for and against women combats and analyzes them while providing solution. It ends with a conclusion of the author's opinion based on the facts presented.

    It is known to almost everybody that military is a difficult job. It is not only difficult to women but even to men. The members of the both genders undergo through the same test of rigorous standards that are required for a combat which remains to be the primary function of the military branch but at times fail to go through. However, arguments are that generally women cannot present themselves for such an activity because they are not physically capable or able to perform the tasks involved (Controversy over Women, 2012). In the arguments presented in this paper, it is evident that women are discriminated against their male counterparts based on opinions and not facts. Women can and are able to work in military in combating, on the war front despite their male counterparts being viewed as strong and as the most suitable people for such tasks.
    In the United States of America, there have been wars throughout whereas there are controversies that surround the women who serve in such wars. It is such that, there has been a number of ways that the issues have been guided and as a ...

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