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    The Middle Way and Suburban Culture

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    What were the goals of conservatives and Eisenhower as they sought to roll back the programs of the New Deal? What programs were successful under dynamic conservatism ?

    Why did Americans embrace suburban culture? What stresses were at work beneath the placid surface of suburbia? Who were some of the critics of suburban culture, and what were

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    US History: Q&A - Eisenhower's Middle Way & Suburban trend

    Q: What were the goals of conservatives and Eisenhower as they sought to roll back the programs of the New Deal? What programs were successful under dynamic conservatism?

    A: Pres. Eisenhower, popularly referred to as 'Ike' is one of America's most popular Commander-in-Chief. A military man, his approach to leadership and foreign policy was heavily informed by ideology. His period, the 50's, where he stood a 2-term President was one where America established itself as an Industrial power rivalling the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Eisenhower served as one of the Allied's key military generals in WW2 and his image benefitted a lot from this. When he won the 1952 presidency, he put in place what he called 'The Middle way'. He believed that the New Deal was effective; however, he also believed that there were elements in the program that needed reform, restructuring or cancellations altogether. His presidency can be viewed in 2 contexts - one is the economic industrialization of America in the 50's, the turn towards greater corporate and private sector roles in economic growth; turning away from reliance on public programs for the provision of equity & security. The other was the Cold War. While he only inherited the conflict, his military background helped him to modify as well as sustain a successful amalgamation of diplomatic and military approaches to contain communism. So, what is the biggest difference with the 'Middle Way' and the 'New Deal'?

    The New Deal and the Middle Way are political programs and policies enacted in the 30's (Franklin Roosevelt) and the 50's (Eisenhower) as a way of governing, administering and forming the American nation. The New deal rose out of the issues faced by the US during the Great Depression and they were put in place for the purpose of combating the varied issues and factors that led to said economic disaster. It ...

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    The conservative 'Middle way' program of the Eisenhower presidency is explored. Additionally, the topic of american suburban culture and the stresses and criticism of suburban life is discussed. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.