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    Issues associated with rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona.

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    Determine whether the following issues are associated with a rural, suburban, or urban community in Arizona. Your answers may be a mix of two or all three. Provide a rationale for your answer by explaining why you think the issue is associated with this community.

    Availability of energy, water, and resources - Rural, Suburban, or Urban

    Demands on ecosystems - Rural, Suburban, or Urban

    Lack of diversity - Rural, Suburban, or Urban

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    Available energy: These are needed in all areas. The problems of water are due most often to the lack of rainfall. Arizona is dry and depends on reservoirs. The dry air, lack of rain, and the heat work to evaporate the water. This will make it difficult for the cities and suburbs to keep water. The state's residents have learned to plant yards and live with natural plants (except golf courses). The rural areas have limits to farming because of the lack of water. Energy is a little easier because there is enough variations in the geography to create wind, which is used to help generate electricity. The houses in most areas, including ...

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    The issues associated with rural, suburban or urban community in Arizona are examined.