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Culture: Tribalism

Arab history and culture are based on tribalism. What are the characteristics of a culture based on tribalism? If one of your friends is assigned to do business with an Arabian, what advice should you suggest to him/her?

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Tribalism has been in practice for over 200,000 years and is particular dominant in Middle-Eastern cultures. It is a form of social organization that does not focus on wealth, technology or innovation. Tribalism does not mean that the culture is based on being primitive or unworldly. It is based on a sense of loyalty to the members of the group with each member accepting responsibility for the other. For example, tribalism includes the security and defense concept of balanced ...

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A discussion regarding tribalism including the characteristics of a culture based in tribalism. Also, a personal recommendation regarding advising a friend on interacting with business in the Middle East. 269 words, 1 reference.