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    Key input factors using Nadler - Tushman Congruence Model

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    BACKGROUND: Each of the diagnostic models present a particular strengths and weaknesses. The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model is particularly strong in terms of Inputs. Analyze the Key Inputs of Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Citations and references must be in APA format.

    You see that there are four input categories:

    Environment (factors external to the organization)
    Resources (factors internal to the organization)
    Organizational history (Persistent Traditiona)
    Strategy (goals, objectives and strategic initiatives)

    The Key Factors in the first three input categories should support and integrate with the Strategy Input factor.

    REQUIRED READING: The article by Nadler and Tushman will tell you how to go about completing an analysis of Key Inputs. Make an argument for a Claim about the specific situation in the Case assignment. Stephen Toulmin has developed an Argument Methodology that is very useful in Making a Case.

    CASE ASSIGNMENT: Make a Case for one of the following propositions: The inputs at Deckers Outdoor Corporation consisting of Organizational Environment factors, Internal Resource factors, and Historical Tradition factors, [highly support, partially support, or do not support] the company's mission. (Choose the level at which the Strategy is supported by the other factors.)

    Case Expectations: In order to make this case, identify the Key Input factors in the first three categories. Identify the specific strategy of the company.

    1) Identify and discuss the Key Input factors from each of the four input categories (at least two each).

    2) Explain why these are critical (consider the strategy and how important each one is in providing support)

    3) Make the case as to whether the Key Input factors in the first three categories support the Strategy (classify the strategy according to Porter's three generic competitive strategies).

    All, Citations and references must be in APA format.

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    MBA Integrative Project Case: Inputs, SLP: Time Warp:

    The key input factors as identified by Nadler and Tushman provides a basis for the givens which an organization faces in an industry such as in the case of Decker Corporation. There are four major types of inputs such as the environment, resources, history and strategy which are likely to impact the manner in which an organization operates however, the first three inputs; environment, resources, and input are known to have a great impact on the operations of the company since it determines the organization's strategy.

    Key input factors:

    Decker's corporation is a company involved in the making of clothing, gear, and footwear for individuals such as musicians and children among others (Deckers Outdoor, 2009). The various key inputs include the environment, resources, organization and strategy. The inputs present different 'givens' to an organization. The environmental input which provides a description of all the external forms to the organization being examined includes several variables such as individuals, groups or other organizations (Tushman & Nadler, 1978).

    Markets and suppliers are examples of the various variables which are classified under the environment hence influence the manner in which an organization operates. The market refers to the number of customers and their location which the company has an aim of satisfying. The suppliers refer to the company or individuals who are directly consand with the provision of raw materials for the company available in the industry. The various variables available under resources input include the employees, technology, information and capital. The resources can either be tangible or intangible such as labor and capital. They however have an impact on the way the company operates (Tushman & ...

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    The key input factors using Nadler and the Tushman Congruence Model is examined.