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    Urgent Care medical practice operational plan

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    Analyze the 3 attached papers of Urgent Care medical practice operational plan, then answers these questions below. Then, create 12 Power Point slides for summary.

    1. Urgent Care introduction! (What's Urgent Care clinic)
    2. How do you plan to market the Urgent Care practice?
    3. What are some of development plans for the Urgent Care medical practice?
    4. Can you make any other necessary refinements as you incorporate additional learning of the Urgent Care business?
    5. As you begin to synthesize your practice management knowledge, what are some of the knowledge gaps need to be filled in order for you to be a successful Urgent Care medical practice manager?
    6. Create a personal development plan that ensures you will acquire such knowledge and skill in the future?

    Once the paper is complete, please generate a Power point presentation summary of at least 12 slides and include a personal development plan at end.

    Include 4 references please.

    Thank you.

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    1. Urgent Care introduction! (What's Urgent Care clinic)

    Urgent Care Medicine is care that enables healthcare providers to deliver immediate medical service for acute and chronic illness and injury. Urgent care centers serve as alternatives to replace Emergency Room Departments or Primary Care practices when patients need convenient and timely service that is characterized by quality care wherein healthcare providers who are in close communication and collaboration with specialists and the primary physicians are able to deliver faster service than what could be obtained in a ER or typical family care clinic.

    Patients' who are not suffering critical or serious injuries can use urgent care centers because they are tailored to treat minor issues by offering care outside of regular business hours of primary care physicians. Therefore, patients who want quality care but don't want to choose higher priced Emergency Room care that requires a longer wait can access the use of Urgent Care centers as they provide patients with greater decision-making in their healthcare needs.

    2. How do you plan to market the Urgent Care practice?
    Marketing for urgent care centers should be garnered toward those who want convenient, quick service for injuries such as broken bones, chest pains, etc. and an alternative to Emergency ...

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