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Consulting business by a group of nurses

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Can you help me figure out what kinds of services could a bunch of nurses offer if these nurses started their own consulting business on how to start and maintain an urgent care clinic. These nurses who are starting their own consulting business have backgrounds in emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, education, and management.

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What is an Urgent Care Clinic?

The Urgent Care Clinic is available to treat minor medical problems and injuries and for people who are unable to be seen by their doctor during traditional clinic hours. The clinic is staffed by a local healthcare provider or an Emergency Practice Associates doctor.

Who is a Nurse Consultant?

A consultancy is a business that provides the services of a nurse who gives expert or professional advice to healthcare facilities or clients on a contractual basis, typically by the hour.
It is not unusual that successful consultants have advanced educational preparation and/or extensive specialized experience. Nurse consultants can apply their ...

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This solution provides information on services a bunch of nurses can offer if these nurses started their own consulting business on how to start and maintain an urgent care clinic.

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