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    Mayo Clinic Strategic Plan

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    Locate a strategic plan for a hospital that is readily available and review it. Write a report that fulfills the following requirements:

    Identify and summarize the long-term goals identified in the plan.
    Identify and summarize the short-term goals identified in the plan.
    Summarize the strategic thinking and key stakeholders as identified in the plan.
    Describe the strategies evident in the plan (corporate-level, divisional-level, organizational-level, and/or unit-level).

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    Mayo Clinic Background

    Innovation in healthcare has led the Mayo Clinic to make a shift and modify its services to attract more patients. The strategy was revolutionary, as the company became the first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group practice in the world. According to a review of Mayo Clinic, it has a unique model where they place the needs of the patients first. Mayo Clinic has a team approach that basically relies deeply on a variety of medical specialists who come together with different expertise and opinion to bring the best to the community.

    Short-Term Goals

    According to their report, they have a fundamental element of making sure that all patients are treated well and there is good communication between them. The Mayo Clinic model of care has been defined by its compassionate and quality medical care delivered in an integrated academic institution. Their primary focus is meeting the needs of its entire ...

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    This solution helps the student better understand Mayo Clinic's strategic plan including their long-term goals, short-term goals, key stakeholders, and strategies.